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  • Trade in energy resources on the Prozorro portal

    The Prozorro portal is currently a very effective tool to help private entrepreneurs solve certain problem situations. So this will help you to focus on certain very important points of the purchase and at the same time count on the fact that as a result you will be able to solve certain problems related to procurement. So you should pay… read more

  • Gifts in the form of certificates

    Gifts in the form of certificates for certain services have long entered our lives. In fact, giving services instead of items is a very good idea.

  • DevOps security and how MSP can make DevOps transformation safe?

    DevOps is a very popular approach to software development. There are a lot of companies that choose DevOps transformation as the main idea of increasing the efficiency of the company. But still, a lot of teams are afraid of such changes because of security issues. To avoid risks you should refer to a reliable Managed Service Provider (MSP) like IT… read more

  • WoW Boost – Buy World of Warcraft Paid Boosting & Carry …

    There are six various Wings, and 3 Twisting Corridors with various loot and encounters. You have to complete the attunement quest before you go to Torghast. Torghast Wings Skoldus Hall; Fracture Chambers; Soulforges; Coldheart Interstitia; Morg’ Regar; The Upper Reaches; Twisting Corridors. Just two wings will be active on a week, and wings turns weekly. Greetings and welcome to our… read more

  • phpGraphy configuration

    4.1. Changing the configuration Starting from release 0.9.11, configuring phpGraphy is much more easier, there is now a nice GUI (Graphic User Interface) in addition to the traditionnal manual editing. Using the GUI – The graphical interface is accessible once logged-in as admin by clicking on “phpGraphy Settings” in the admin’s menu. You’ll be able to browse through the left menu… read more

  • Basic layout customization

    phpGraphy use the system of header/footer combined to templates, this way you have a very fine control of your website aspect. If you simply want to change colors, font attributes (font itself, size, color) and spacing etc… everything is controled by CSS. If you want to customize more deeply, you might want to edit the templates. Here is the list… read more

  • Modify the templates

    The templating system was introduced in version 0.9.12, the choice was made to use Flat-Frog (previously known as Smarty-Light) which does basically uses the same syntax as Smarty but with much less functions, making it *lighter* (thus the previous name). You don’t need special knowledge (besides HTML/CSS) in order to take advantage of the templates, just open one of them… read more

  • Creating a theme

    Starting from release 0.9.11, phpGraphy now support a theme system which make it very easy to change the layout and/or create a new one. Themes are located under the themes/ sub-directory of phpGraphy and the default theme is logically located under default/. To create your own theme, please follow the steps indicated below: Copy the default theme directory default/ to the name of your new… read more

  • Understanding security levels

    Protecting directories and pictures under phpGraphy is made using security level, it’s important to understand how it’s working to not deny access to pictures you want to be available from everyone, the other case (allowing access to unauthorized pictures is less likely to happen, you’ll see why soon). First, please note that levels are starting from zero (simple non loggued… read more

  • Editing the .welcome

    The¬†.welcome¬†is a file that is automatically read and displayed on the first page of each directory when in browsing mode. You can edit its content either via the interface using the “Edit .welcome” button when authenticated as admin, or via your favorite text editor and then uploading it to the directory where you want the text to be displayed (this… read more