Gifts in the form of certificates

Gifts in the form of certificates for certain services have long entered our lives. In fact, giving services instead of items is a very good idea.

How many times the situation is repeated when gifts in the form of pens, mugs, perfumes and other things are subsequently dusting on the birthday boy’s shelf. It is often difficult to guess what can be really useful and interesting to a person. But the situation with gift certificates is quite different. After all, a certificate for a particular type of service or goods is primarily emotions, experiences and impressions. Every good gift should evoke them.

Let’s imagine the situation. A guy who strives to develop relationships with a girl he likes, thinks, what would interest her? What to surprise and make her happy? He breaks his mind about the choice of a gift. Give a soft toy? Costume jewellery? A bouquet of flowers? Besides the obvious banality, it is easy to make a mistake with such gifts. Another thing – a gift certificate. It is also a way to impress and cheer up a girl.

More and more retail chains offer gift certificates to the buyer, who is looking for a presentation. You can find the coveted cardboard in the networks of perfumery and cosmetics stores, jewelry salons, lingerie stores, clothing, accessories, even home appliances, and naturally – in gift and souvenir stores. You can also find in the network marcus theatres, gift cards. There are many different options, each of which can be an optimal solution.

In addition, you can find gift certificates for services, such as spa procedures, visiting a fitness club, restaurant, cosmetologist, and even for air travel. Recently, many online stores also offer gift certificates. This, of course, is for the lazy ones, but it is convenient, because the gift recipient will not have to go somewhere himself, to choose a gift. He will just order what he wants, and get the goods home, office or other convenient place – XXI century in the yard.

If you don’t want to upset the gifted person or waste money (because during the crisis not everyone will want to pay extra for their own gift), before giving a certificate, you need to figure out what exactly you can buy for the amount of its nominal value. If in the stores of household appliances, clothing, perfumes or lingerie you can buy a certificate to cost a small amount, then in a jewelry or watch boutique you will have to invest several times more. However, a certificate with a large nominal value is a stick of two ends. If the purchase will cost less than the amount specified on it, the difference can be spent on something else.

It is hard to make a mistake

The most important thing when choosing a certificate is not to “miss” with the store. Ideally, you should choose the point of sale, where he likes to make purchases gifted. And considering the current financial crisis, many people will accept such a practical gift. In addition, a gift certificate is an excellent present for business partners and people who want to testify their respect, but are reluctant to give another, even if expensive, but unnecessary souvenir. In this case you can buy a gift certificate for a tourist trip or a watch, or a jewelry piece.

However, the determining factor is the “congratulatory” budget. If you plan to spend a little money on a gift, you can buy a certificate of perfume and cosmetics, a bookstore or gift and souvenir store. If it is decided to spend more money, it already makes sense to buy a certificate of a lingerie store, spa center, home appliances store, fitness club or beauty salon. Well, if you want to make a generous donation in an even larger size, it makes sense to give a certificate of a jewelry or watch salon, or a voucher for a tourist trip.