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  • Setting/Removing Directory Cover

    Introduced with release 0.9.11, your directories can now be represented by a “Cover Picture” within a frame and some information next to it. This feature is called “Directory Cover” and is dependand on the configuration directive directory_display_mode. By default, every directory has no “Cover Picture” set, it’ll just show a question mark instead. To set this “Cover Picture”, there’s two possibles… read more

  • Deleting visitors comments

    This part explain how to delete comments posted by visitors. To do so, you need to be authenticated as admin, then browse to the picture containing the comment(s) you want to delete, you’ll see a “Delete” link just next to the date of the comment (Ref: D1), click on the link, confirm the action et voila. 3.10. Manual handling of thumbnails So… read more

  • Development Status

    You can follow the development of phpGraphy by visiting our Trac Development Site. Why not on SourceForge directly ? Simply because Subversion is much more powerful comparing to CVS and also because Trac rocks 🙂

  • What is phpGraphy

    phpGraphy is a free PHP script released under GPL license that let you share your pictures on your personal website in a very convenient way. It has been written with the goal to be very customizable so it can integrate itself easily within your existing website (it’s also works perfectly well by itself). 1.2. phpGraphy History phpGraphy has originally been… read more

  • Getting help

    So you’re looking for some help, there are various places where you should be able to find what you’re looking for : phpGraphy Manual FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Help Forum on SourceForge phpGraphy IRC Channel ( – #phpgraphy) If you still didn’t find the information you were looking for and that you didn’t receive any answer from the forum… read more

  • Foreword

    Because even the best software ever is nothing without a proper documentation, writing a proper decent one was my first priority when I officialy took the maintenance of phpGraphy. As an experienced computer’s user, I generally only read the first three lines of a documentation and then run the software directly and learn by using it, but sometime when it’s… read more

  • Installation

    2.2. Quick Installation This part is for experienced users only ! If you’re not that familiar with IT, then please prefeer the detailed installation procedure which is much more detailled and provide help and explanations for every step. Get the archive, unpack it and upload the content on your webserver Open your web browser to the address where you’ve just put phpGraphy and… read more

  • phpGraphy Philosophy

    KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Even if this acronym may appear in some cases a bit reducing, I think that coding with this philosophy in mind is a key point if you want something to be both efficient and accessible, you need to concentrate on your main goal and not add funny but useless features. Efficiency, fastness and security, here… read more

  • Requirements

     A webserver with PHP 4.1.0 or greater (PHP 4.3.x recommended to get full functionnality) I meet the requirements, take me to the download page. Optional  convert utility from ImageMagick if your PHP configuration doesn’t support the use of GD (used for automatic thumbnail/lowres picture generation)  MySQL if you prefeer using it instead of the default fast text database  exiftran or jpegtran for the lossless jpeg rotation

  • Brief history

    phpGraphy has originally been written by Christophe Thibault in year 2000, he has driven the project for almost a year, from the first release 0.9 up to release 0.9.7. Then he become too busy to continue improving the application. I decided to continue to add the features that where missing to me. At the end of last year (in 2004),… read more