Creating a theme

Starting from release 0.9.11, phpGraphy now support a theme system which make it very easy to change the layout and/or create a new one. Themes are located under the themes/ sub-directory of phpGraphy and the default theme is logically located under default/.

To create your own theme, please follow the steps indicated below:

  1. Copy the default theme directory default/ to the name of your new theme, beware that the directory name must not be longer than 20 characters and should only be composed of lowercase letters, numbers, and the two special characters ‘-‘ and ‘_’ (without the quotes).
  2. Within your new theme directory, edit the file and modify the information contained under the $theme_info array accordingly. The theme_name is the most important as it’ll be used when displayed within phpGraphy configuration GUI. Others variables are important only if your theme is going to be public.
  3. Optionnaly, you can copy the file to and phpGraphy will auto-magically overide the current language file with its content. For a list of the possible variables, please refeer to the english language file base/lang/ You’ll see while opening the sample file that it does contain some examples and that it’s pretty easy to modify it. For example, you can change the title of your website by modifying $txt_site_title.
  4. Finally, if you want to customize the inside of the applications, you can edit the templates (located under the templates/ of your theme). Please refer to the next section for more details about templates.