How to increase your Instagram reach

If you want to become popular on Instagram, it’s not enough to just buy instagram followers. You should think about other aspects of the work, which we will name in this article.

Don’t ignore live broadcasts

Live streams are a cool way to interact with your target audience. Yes, live broadcasts have nothing to do with your feed ranking, but when you start a broadcast, your followers are notified when it starts. That means you have an opportunity to get their attention. Especially since this type of content is much easier than video.

Add some interactivity

Games, polls in stories, contests and giveaways can all greatly increase your reach. Subscribers give you a coveted reaction, and you, in turn, delight them with gifts. Everyone stays on the plus side. But we recommend not abusing interactives, because subscribers can simply get used to them and stop giving proper feedback in the form of likes and comments.

Inundate your audience with posts

In the timeline era, a high frequency of posts per day might have alienated subscribers and prompted them to click the unsubscribe button, but that trend has now passed into oblivion. Remember: the more the better. Because of the algorithmic feeds, users only see a portion of the posts, so even if you put up 3 posts per day, it will not annoy your loyal followers. And for you, it’ll help to test your content faster and see which photos and videos “get” your audience and which don’t.

Publish when followers are online

Publish your posts at a time when most of your audience is online. That way you’ll increase your reach and get good feedback. Here’s how it works: When a post is actively liked, it automatically appears in your feed, even for subscribers who rarely interact with your content. Thanks to the speed of the “hearts” set, you can even make it to the top by hashtags. However, you need to approach their selection wisely.

A checklist of mistakes that can kill your reach and drag you down to the bottom of the feed

  1. Participating in giveaways. Giveaways are the scourge of social media, but for some reason users persist in participating in them. Now we’re going to discourage them once and for all. What’s wrong with them? When the contest is over, you will face a mass exodus of followers. Instagram’s algorithms will see a huge unsubscribe after 1-2 weeks and decide that your profile is uninteresting. The result is a basement of the feed and futile attempts to increase your reach.
  2. Lack of text accompaniment. A beautiful photo with filters is certainly a good thing, but if you haven’t accompanied it with meaningful text, be prepared to give first place to an author with fascinating longreads. Alas, visual content alone will not surprise picky users.
  3. Spam in the comments. Inflated comments replete with one-type phrases – a sure way to nowhere. Instagram values quality over quantity, so delete the fiery speeches of bots, which only spoil the appearance of your profile.

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