Methandrostenolone (Methan) – price, reviews, instructions

 Methane is a well-known anabolic steroid. Athletes refer to this steroid as Master Pills. The ease of use of anabolic steroids and its phenomenally cheap price have brought it popularity. Methane is unequivocally the anabolic steroid of the 20th century. Remember, Methandienone is a potent androgenic drug. Although many athletes try to give it up, they still often include it in their doping courses in the amount of 300 to 500 tablets. 

Methandienone is a steroid also called Methandrostenolone . It was first developed by John Zingler in the USA in 1956. It is applied internally. Initially it was used to treat burns, after the steroid is widely used in bodybuilding as a drug that increases muscle mass. Studies have shown that when taking Methandienone for 6 weeks at a dosage of 30 mg per day, you can build up to 10 kg of muscle mass. Then the so-called rollback phenomenon occurs, when an athlete loses up to 5 kg of weight after it has been set. But this can be avoided by taking the drug correctly. More details here:

Steroid profile: anabolic activity 200% of testosterone, androgenic 50%, aromatization is present, taking in large doses affects the liver, I use it internally, it lasts 6-8 hours, it can be detected in the body for up to 6 weeks.

Effects. The drug activates protein synthesis, thanks to which muscle mass is quickly gained. It is not destroyed in the liver and does not come into contact with gl obulin, therefore its effect is stronger than the same amount of testosterone. The strength of a person is increasing. The appetite gets stronger. Also, the anabolic burns fat in small quantities, the bones become stronger. Side effects are only then when privyshena daily rate of doping, that is 30 mg.


Thus, it is enough to take one tablet at breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5-6 weeks to get impressive muscle gains. Methandienone ( methandrostenolone ) has a negative effect on the liver. Therefore, to reduce the negative effects on your health, take the drug only during or after meals. 

Some beginners have the question of how best to take a pill – drink it with water or, like validol, place it under the tongue, where it will dissolve and be absorbed into the oral mucosa. With this method (under the tongue), it bypasses the digestive tract and, as it were, immediately begins to act. Unfortunately, supporters of this method of taking the drug will be disappointed. Methandienone ( methandrostenol he ) is metabolized only in the liver, so it doesn’t really matter which route it eventually gets there.  

As for the course of administration, it can be either solo or in combination with other drugs. In the first case, the daily dose can be started with 20 mg at the beginning and brought up to 50 mg at the end of the course. The duration of the course should not exceed 6 weeks.
But still, the greatest increase in muscle tissue is achieved in combined courses. Here are some possible ones:

  1. Already become a classic, the scheme is androgen plus anabolic. In our case, this is methandrostenolone and, for example, Nandrolone decanoate , also called Deca. Their combined use allows you to achieve remarkable results of 10-12 kilograms of muscle in 7-8 weeks of the course. The dosage of Methandienone is 30 to 40 mg per day, and Deca is from 200 to 400 mg per week.    
  2. Methandienone plus any kind of testosterone. We take methandrostenolone at the same dosage of 30-40 mg per day, testosterone from 250 to 500 mg per week. Since these drugs are subject to aromatization, it is advisable to take Anastrozole with them . 

At the end of the Methandienone course, it will be useful to take Strombafort ( Stanozolol ). It will help to consolidate the effect obtained and remove excess water from the muscles. Its daily dosage is 50 mg. Source site:

In the dosages recommended above, the drug practically does not cause side effects.
Of course, one should not forget that taking any medications by itself will not lead to a magical increase in muscle mass. Without exhausting work in the gym, you should not count on a good result. The nutrition of the athlete is also of great importance. It should be high in protein and high in calories.

Methandienone ( methandrostenolone ) and side effects 

The most common side effects among athletes taking methane ( methandrostenolone ) are increased blood pressure and the development of gynecomastia (enlargement of the mammary glands in men). Fortunately, it does not appear often, in no more than 2% of athletes at high dosages of the drug (over 50 mg per day). The phenomenon is reversible, so do not panic when the first symptoms appear.

Avoid these troubles will welcome antiaromataznyh drugs, such as Tamoxifen , Proviron or anastrazole . From this list, Tamoxifen is the least preferred , since it reduces the effectiveness of the course. The best choice is undoubtedly Anastrazole . It will relieve the muscles of excess wateriness, give them stiffness. If you still fear for the condition of your liver and want to be on the safe side , you can take choleretic drugs, for example, Glutargin or Holosas . Hepatoprotective agents such as Karsil and Essentiale prevent the flow of bile from the liver and can cause a deterioration in well-being. Therefore, they cannot be taken during the course of methandrostenolone . But in post-cycle therapy, they will come in handy.