A guide to the quality of skins in CS:GO

Recently, counter strike global offensive is becoming more and more popular among young people and more and more guys are starting to play it. At first, many players will not bother with skins, but over time you do come to this question, what is the quality of skins and so on. Some players earn on skins and this information will also be very useful to them. For this reason, we decided that our readers do not have to unnecessary stress, google and reread dozens of articles. We decided to do it for you and collected this information bit by bit, so that you can learn how the qualities of skins differ from each other and how these qualities affect the price of skins themselves.

How do I get new skins in cs:go?

How the system itself works, to the end we have not yet studied, but it is clear that the drop itself is always made at the end of the game. There is a so-called timer, at the end of which is a drop of skins. There are a total of three modes in which skins will be dropped: professional mode, deathmatch and regular mode. During the drop, you have the opportunity to get some skins, or if you are lucky, you get a case. In the case itself, you can get skins of weapons, knives, or gloves. To open the case you can use the key, which you can buy on the trading platform in Steam, in the game or on other trading sites. In principle, you can find almost everything at the trading platform, and almost everything you can sell there, which makes csgo case sites one of the most popular sites for game commercial activity.

It is worth noting the fact that the drop is only on the official servers and servers companies Valve and communities. Also, you should also pay attention to the fact that the amount of drops you can get is inversely proportional to the number of games you played. This means that the more you play CS:GO, the less you will drop and vice versa. But do not give up on this. At the end of each week, the statistics are updated (statistics relating to drop-off) and if you actively play CS:GO, the probability to get a skin during the drop-in on Monday, will greatly exceed the probability of falling out of skins on Sunday.

The rarity of skins in cs:go

Also, each skin has its own rarity. Rareness determines the probability of falling out of a skin. That is, the rarer the subject, the probability of falling out becomes less and so up to the ghostly chance of obtaining a particular item. Skins that do not belong to any case can fall out during a drop or from a container. Skins that belong to any case must be unpacked by opening the case with the key. Items that are unusually rare will never drop at drop time and have a ghostly chance of dropping out of the case.

Also, some weapon skins have a “StatTrack” feature. This function is installed on the weapon with the skin, and when you kill someone with this weapon, it will be recorded in the statistics. Skins with this feature cost an order of magnitude more and are very rare.


  • If any player picks up your weapon that has a counter, an error message will flash on the display where your kills should be displayed;
  • Stat-Tracked weapons cannot be obtained from a drop, they can only be purchased from the store;
  • Bots you kill will not count towards your Stat-Track stats.

If we talk specifically about dropping, then dropped mostly skins of white color. Of course it also happens that drop skins are more rare, but this happens rather rarely. You can find everything you need on special csgo upgrade sites. Now do you understand why you need to buy keys to containers? You can use different sites to buy special skins. It will help you to get an optimal result from the game.