• Understanding security levels

    Protecting directories and pictures under phpGraphy is made using security level, it’s important to understand how it’s working to not deny access to pictures you want to be available from everyone, the other case (allowing access to unauthorized pictures is less likely to happen, you’ll see why soon). First, please note that levels are starting from zero (simple non loggued… read more

  • Editing the .welcome

    The .welcome is a file that is automatically read and displayed on the first page of each directory when in browsing mode. You can edit its content either via the interface using the “Edit .welcome” button when authenticated as admin, or via your favorite text editor and then uploading it to the directory where you want the text to be displayed (this… read more

  • Setting/Removing Directory Cover

    Introduced with release 0.9.11, your directories can now be represented by a “Cover Picture” within a frame and some information next to it. This feature is called “Directory Cover” and is dependand on the configuration directive directory_display_mode. By default, every directory has no “Cover Picture” set, it’ll just show a question mark instead. To set this “Cover Picture”, there’s two possibles… read more

  • Deleting visitors comments

    This part explain how to delete comments posted by visitors. To do so, you need to be authenticated as admin, then browse to the picture containing the comment(s) you want to delete, you’ll see a “Delete” link just next to the date of the comment (Ref: D1), click on the link, confirm the action et voila. 3.10. Manual handling of thumbnails So… read more