Setting/Removing Directory Cover

Introduced with release 0.9.11, your directories can now be represented by a “Cover Picture” within a frame and some information next to it. This feature is called “Directory Cover” and is dependand on the configuration directive┬ádirectory_display_mode.

By default, every directory has no “Cover Picture” set, it’ll just show a question mark instead. To set this “Cover Picture”, there’s two possibles ways. The first and most simple is to click on the frame’s icon available next to every picture (only in admin mode). The second one is to use the select list in the “Directory Settings” fieldset. By using this select menu, you’ll even be able to select a “Cover Picture” of another sub-directory and also remove the current one.

3.12. Thumbnail/Lowres pictures generation

Thumbnails and low-resolution pictures are generated on-the-fly by phpGraphy, that means if it doesn’t already exists when a user is requesting it, phpGraphy will generate it. You may want to generate them all in advance (ie: for performance issues), this can be accomplished by several ways:

  1. When logged-in as admin, using the Batch Processing menu.
  2. From the command line or from a crontab, you can call the script with the batch_action=generateall as argument (For this to work you need php-cli to be installed)./yourpath_to_phpgraphy/index.php batch_action=generateall