What is phpGraphy

phpGraphy is a free PHP script released under GPL license that let you share your pictures on your personal website in a very convenient way. It has been written with the goal to be very customizable so it can integrate itself easily within your existing website (it’s also works perfectly well by itself).

1.2. phpGraphy History
phpGraphy has originally been written by Christophe Thibault in year 2000, he has driven the project for almost a year, from the first release 0.9 up to release 0.9.7. Then he become too busy to continue improving the application.

I decided to continue to add the features that where missing to me. At the end of last year (in 2004), while chatting with Christophe, I told him about the modifications I’ve made etc. and that’s how we came to “Hey but why won’t you take the project maintenance ?”.

Since, another developer (and now friend), oniryx, has joined the ranks and we’re both doing our best to continuously improve the application.

1.3. phpGraphy Features

On-the-fly Thumbnail/Low resolution picture generation

Unlimited Categories and Sub-categories (it uses directories)

Integrated fast text database mode (MySQL also supported if prefeered)

Users comments

Rating system

Web interface management

Picture upload via web interface (or via FTP)

Top rated/Last commented/Last added pictures pages

Slideshow mode

User level support, so you can hide some pictures from unwanted people

EXIF/IPTC metadata support

Lossless JPEG rotation (via exiftran/jpegtran)

Video, sound and text files support

Themes including templates, header/footer and language file

Following W3C standards – XHTML 1.1 / CSS 2.0 Valid

Multilingual support (See TranslatorPage for complete list and status)

Installation Wizard

Highly configurable / Easily customizable

Free (under GPL license)

1.4. phpGraphy Architecture
TODO: Create a schema like the one used in subversion (From UserPC to WebServer)